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On media imagery, Jeremy and Kortney.

To continue on from yesterday, it's probably the case that April is also the victim of people thinking that they're in a television show and guessing wrong as to what part people play. For reasons that escape me, it appears that Elly clearly seems to have convinced herself that her children make up "stories" to get "innocent" people in trouble and also to ruin her life by making her put aside her "important work" so as to "waste" her "valuable time" being someone "futile and useless" called an active parent engaged in her children's lives. Given her clear belief that April "decided" to be born in order to derail her "career", Ol'Picky Face gets the worst of this tendency.

After all, you can't contemplate her failure to understand the severity of the Jeremy Jones issue without coming to the conclusion that Elly clearly seems to have believed that April was exaggerating the whole thing to make herself look good or some such nonsense. We saw a little girl getting creamed by a thug who needed to be put in a damned cage and forgotten. Elly saw a child making up stories to get someone in trouble because she was too mean and picky to make friends. Things only got worse when Elly tricked herself into believing that a fraudster pretending that she liked and respected her was really a girl who just needed a friend; this is because she doubled down on not really believing April's side of the story. Five bucks says she still thinks that April is somehow to blame for Kortney's being a lying thief because the alternative is the painful and cruel admission that she hasn't the blindest idea of what's going on around her.
Tags: cathode ray poisoning., elly patterson: moron parent

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