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On not seeing commonalties: a field study of Patterson woman

As I said the other day, Elly is a loud, pushy woman who feels frustrated because she doesn't realize that she gets her own way all the time because people are afraid of her while Mira thinks that no one listens to her either because she too is too focused on the rare occasions where people fail to defer to her to avoid the inevitable crying jag and/or screaming match to notice that she too wins almost all of the time. Since the two of them aren't overburdened with smarts, they get angry with each other when they have the exact same reaction to the exact same situation and bash into each other because they're too dim to anticipate conflict.

Similary, April doesn't really want to admit that in almost every respect, she's functionally identical to Becky. Both of them have messed up families that only pay attention to them when they do something to annoy them, both of them are superficial and dim and both of them hate each other because they get in each other's way. What this tells me is that Patterson women are at pains to avoid admitting that they're pretty much the same person as the enemies they've made.

We see this proven when one idiot who pretty much fucked herself over trying to please worthless parents who'll always prefer a child who can manufacture more children with Daddy's last name to the one that's killing herself to prove herself turns around and has the temerity to pity and hate the woman whose life she ruined by being a clingy irritant who doesn't respect boundaries that make her feel bad about herself. In almost every respect save one, Lizardbreath and Thérèse are the same person; what differentiates them is that eventually, the evil career woman will clue in and realize that making a fool of herself trying to prove herself to a boor father and idiot mother is a sucker's game. Liz isn't gonna do that because she's a moron.
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