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On not admitting to the possibility of commonality: Mike and John.

As I said yesterday, making a point of not seeing what they have in common with women who remind them of the things they hate about themselves is what binds the Patterson women. Had Lynn had the time and inclination, we'd have learned that both Deanna and Meredith make a point of not seeing that they are functionally identical to their sitcom arch-nemeses in order to shield themselves from introspection and reform. The reason that I reminded you of this is that they're bound legally, sort of emotionally and only nominally romantically to men who share the belief that they could not ever have anything in common with people who don't share their interests.

You'll possibly remember that I once said that John doesn't make friends with Elly's friends' husbands because he just can't picture himself as having a meaningful conversation with Steve, Greg or Keith. They aren't medical professionals so they couldn't possibly have anything useful to say to him or anything to provide him so he sits in his little bunker wondering why no one will play with a stand-offish jerk who doesn't meet people half-way. The only other friend he's got is Gordon Mayes because they both love cars. The odd thing is that Gordon used to be Michael's friend but for some reason, Mike wants nothing much to do with him.

This is because the same person who bristled at having to learn about hardware stores and other things that aren't about his narrow interest in churning out abuse porn has dropped the friends he had growing up because they want to waste his time talking about other things in favour of another artsy monomaniac who makes the Delicate Genius feel good about being a self-imposed idiot recluse.
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