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Mike, Dawn and the Petrol Fairy

The interesting thing about watching the Patterson children manage to bum a car from a parent is that how they pay for gas tells us how they'll handle money later on in life. About ten years from the current strip, we'll be dealing with the fact that Liz wound up paying for gas when she drove her friends around because she was too 'nice' to tell Dawn and Shawna-Marie that she felt as if they were taking advantage of her generosity. It mattered not that their idea of sharing the load meant paying for things at their destination, she really wanted to go Dutch but couldn't bring herself to actually say so. This means that present day Liz is probably eating big bills she doesn't want to pay because actively telling people that their behaviour is a bad thing if they have enough power to fight back.

Let's contrast her with her ugly brother. As we know, Mike never returned the car with a full tank because his experience was that it always magically filled up every time he got to use it. This is because the Delicate Genius doesn't understand that money he doesn't spend is really real to the person supporting his stupidity. As far as he knew, his parents were making unreasonable demands on him because they didn't believe in the Petrol Fairy. This blank-witted irresponsibility with money is, I should think, why he and Deanna were treading water until the family managed to get someone competent and male to take over his finances. While Deanna is smart enough to 'keep' her bum husband, he won't listen to her but will trust Gordon's pal....which means that the Settlepocalypse had to happen so that Anthony would want to be a bookkeeper for a moron.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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