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Trivializing pursuits

Now, we know that the whole entire point of any arc in which Elly deliberately refuses to buy herself something nice in order to shame people is clearly to force us all to clutch dumpy idiot Elly to our collective bosom and cry bitter angry tears because her selfish children and husband spend money on themselves while being blinded to the fact that she too likes nice things. The problem is that we are also being asked to make them grovel pathetically for forgiveness because Elly doesn't actually tell them out loud that she likes nice things. They're supposed to know this without her having to say it and when people tell her that she has to say things to be heard, she whines that no one hears her anyway.

What she loses sight of is, of course, the fact that people are listening but don't especially want to because what she says doesn't make a damned bit of sense. From the dawn years in which she would rather save face than be a loving mother to the declining years in which she started bellowing about quitting motherhood at the first hint of disagreement, she's lived with the fear that no one takes her seriously. The problem is that people actually take her too seriously because she usually doesn't really know what's going on so can't have a valid opinion.
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