dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly versus porn: a freeform study of misplaced envy

As we know, Lynn had a powerfully hard time resisting the urge to assign age-inappropriate problems and behaviours to the Mike and Lizzie of the mid-1980s in order to rebuke the much older Aaron and Katie. This is why we had the whole Peeping Mike omnishambles and it's why she had nine year old Mike tune into a skin flick only to have Elly tell him that said films are garbage because they don't tell how real relationships work. This, I should think, is another example of Elly being right for a wrong reason.

You see, a normal, healthy person would actually mean what she said when she told Mike that NC-17 rated films and Playdude magazines are the fantasy projections of minds who wish that life were really a non-stop orgy. Elly, as we all know, is neither healthy nor normal because of that whole "envying the sad, empty, windblown life of heartache Connie slogged through as a divorced single mother because she thought that it was Carnal Disneyland" thing I mentioned once. This means that she's what they call a covert pervert who's only angry because she's not invited to the fake, no-way, impossible donkey-bonking session she thinks exists outside of her cozy little bubble.
Tags: elly patterson: hypocrite, freefloating commentary

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