dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The six-cylinder bludgeon

While it might look as if Elly's stupid decision to "punish" John for the "disloyal" act of being a sports car to prove to Ted that he's a 'real' man by forcing him to drive it through cold weather all winter might be the end of the discussion, we're going to have to wait a while to really see the other shoe drop. This is because when John balks at remodeling the kitchen because he thinks Elly wants to spend money foolishly on something that doesn't really need to be fixed, Jean acts as Elly's agent and brings up the penismobile to discredit him. Since he's an idiot and an infant, he moans pathetically because he doesn't realize or especially wish to admit that he's handed people a stick to beat him with. No matter how much he might talk up being careful with money, someone's gonna wave that purchase in his face.

The interesting thing is that all the male characters end up with their own incidents that they're never going to be allowed to forget. Mike has the laptop incident, Phil has the doomed camping trip and eventually, Anthony will make his own stupid mistake he isn't going to be allowed to walk away from. This allows the target audience to smirk sanctimoniously about how a real man would take it and not whine so much. What makes that tendency to stick out their tongues at defeated sitting ducks all the more noxious is that it isn't allowed to happen to them ever.
Tags: john versus himself

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