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The double standard of verbal abuse

One of the more galling arcs I had to endure is the one in which Deanna chirpily lists all the piddly little shit that Mike does that bothers her only to whine pathetically about how he was of course going to run off with someone else because he pointed out that she was imperfect. While Lynn's target audience of thin-skinned assholes who have no problem at all stomping up and down on sitting duck antagonists while screaming about oppression when the slightest defect of theirs is mentioned approved, decent people would give Mike the advice "RUN, PSYCHO, RUN!!!!!!"

This is because as I said yesterday, the men in the strip have spent a lot of time engaged in the pursuit and capture of someone a damned sight like Elly. As we know, her reaction to John's purchase of the Overcompenastionmobile is as following:

1) I can yap about that yellow car and all the other dumb things you do for all eternity.

2) You can never bring up any stupid thing I do ever.

3) This is because you have a penis and can thus 'take' it while I'm a weak little wifey who'd just die.

4) WaaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!!!!

This is, of course, the end result of her buying into gender stereotypes about the fragile little woman who simply can't take it when it's convenient for her. When it doesn't matter (like when she's denying the children a reasonable request to save face), she's made of iron and she's fifty feet tall. When the least chance of her having to accept defeat ensues, she's made of plasticine and thinks Smurfette is an amazon woman.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: hypocrite

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