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Mothers against satire

As I said the other day, Elly tends to make a point of exploding in a blind rage when she comes across a skin flick or porn mag because she secretly envies the people clearly having a better time than she is. What seems equally likely is that she's a lot like her mother in that she'd be equally likely to ban anything like Mad Magazine from the house. Exposure to real-life mothers teaches us that the default excuses are "satire isn't nice", "satire makes people disrespectful", "satire makes people mean" and "please, don't corrupt the children."

I should think that the reason that we have to endure something that is as well-meaning but also absofuckinglutely useless as simpering about why the Power Rangers don't talk to the omnicidal monster who isn't going to be deflected by microwaving people's brains by goodthink is that satirical works make a point of exploding long-held pieties. Just as sometimes, violence is the answer, sometimes children have to disobey stupid, greedy people who are making things worse, social hierarchies and social conventions be damned.

Of course, it's not just Bill Gaines's cheery habit of yelling "Guess what, MOM!!!! Everything you believe and everything you teach your kids to believe is BULLSHIT!!!" that pisses off the Marians, Ursulas and Ellys of this world. There is also the unpleasant implication that by telling kids to respect venal, corrupt and stupid authority figures who'd wipe their asses with the Constitution one day while selling us to the highest bidder for five cents a head the next, their new job title is "willing participant in their family's enslavement."
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