dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Down with the pop culture: Lynn's tin ear for language.

For someone who makes a living using the language, our author has a rather shaky grasp of colloquial English. I'm not talking about clunky imbecile John's ludicrously pedestrian attempt at sounding cool. I'm talking about her attempt at providing dialogue for April and her contemporaries. I'm also not really talking about 'foob' or 'prag' either, but I will get back to them. No, I'm talking about the terms used to discuss the hymen of one Rebecca Maguire and and its status. She got one thing right in this scenario. Teenaged children are capable of unlovely behavior towards someone they think they can safely abuse. There is also still a stigma attached to those who can't control their impulses, although not as strong as in Lynn's time. That's as may be. The irritating thing is that it took me the better part of a day to figure out April and the gang thought Becky had lost her virginity!! Unlike ACTUAL slang terms, none of the catch-phrases they used called to mind furtive fornication in a sedan. That's the secret of slang, Lynnie. It's not arbitrary noise specifically designed to annoy tetchy boomers. A slang expression must, MUST call to mind the thing, person or activity it refers to as well as seem to have emerged out of the ether. Take, for existence, the term 'wimp'. She doubtless looks at it as a portmanteau of 'whining simp' (thereby explaining 'Foob' [foolish boob]). She forgot or never knew of the radical surgery Bud Segar performed on the noun 'whimperer' to give Popeye's timid, deceitful, hamburger-loving comic foil a surname. The popularity of the comic strip 'Thimble Theater starring Popeye' meant that spineless cowards like J. Wellington Wimpy eventually became known as wimpy people, and thus WIMPS. The expression 'foob' may yet catch on, but it will only do so if people take to it and not if it's shoved down their throats. Her real answer to the proposition that young people don't talk like that is that they should.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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