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Image vs. Reality, Part Eight: Elly, part two.

As I said yesterday, I find myself disturbed by the way the Patterson's fictional lives have turned out. That's because Lynn is good enough a writer even now to make then a realistic family. Everyone knows someone like the Pattersons, I'd say. We all shake our heads at a group of people who, although they may not repeat the near-catastrophe their flaws as people brought about almost thirteen years ago, are bound to live bland, dreary, unfulfilling lives. The reason they don't live up to their potentials, sadly enough, is that they don't or, more properly, won't see themselves as having a problem. Elly is the best example of this. She whines incessantly about how awful her life is but doesn't or won't admit that she might have had something to do with it. She has a strong need to blame everyone but herself for how her life has shaped up. Since she married a man who's also in flight from personal responsibility, she's raised three children who point the finger of blame to anyone but themselves. Worse, they're allied romantically with other buck-passers. It wasn't an unkind fate that led her to be trapped in her suburban hell-world, after all. She married John way too early so she could anatagonize her parents and she was too busy gloating about it to realize that he expected her to live up to her domestic goddess sales pitch. Not that she thought that that was a bad idea going in; rebelling against her parents by adopting her grandparent's values may seem odd but she's a strange person. It took for her to remember that she wasn't really cut out for this sort of thing for her to realize that she got the raw end of the deal. And, as could be expected, it was all on John. He was and is a jerk who can't see too far past his own desires but she should have seen that beforehand. As for her children and the way they turned out? That has nothing to do with her. Her petulant roaring, screaming, whining and scowling had no effect on them whatsoever because they won't cooperate with Mother. The same goes for the pets, as far as that goes. It's not that she doesn't know what she's doing, it's they're out to get her. The kicker is that she expects everyone else but her to take responsibilty for their own actions. I find it hard to see what would take the blinders off and force her to admit that she is the author of most of her problems. April almost died because she failed to act and she turned it around on a four-year old. Perhaps the new, improved Patterson family I described in this extended rant might one day call shenanigans on her bellyaching. That way, we'd hear a Patterson say three words that are far more constructive than the very rare "I love you": "I was wrong." If she were to re-evaluate her past on the basis that she fouled her own nest, it would not make life easier or give her back the years her idiocy had cost her. It would, though, add life to the years she had left.
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