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The car will always be John's favourite baby: official.

As we know, there's a good reason that we have a collection called "There goes my baby" and an alternate strip that contrasts Elly's saying that about Mike as he drives off in John's car for a test drive while John thought-bubbles the same thing about the car: Lynn believes that John engages in the anthropomorphism and personification of a series of motor vehicles at the expense of his family. The same general idea appears to me to be the engine that drives forward the arc in which John is irrationally punitive because Mike missed an exit. If John screwed up and missed an exit, it'd be fine but Mike cannot because the car means more to him than his kids do.

This seems to baffle Elly not just because she thinks that a car is simply a mechanical contrivance that can't feel loss and confusion and pain and struggle with injustice. A car is to her and Lynn simply an object that should have the purpose of ferrying around children and groceries and whatever other large objects that need to be taken from Point A to Point B. The idea of making a love object of it at a real person's expense bothers her. This is not just, of course, because she doesn't like it when people don't think exactly like she does. There is also the element of pleasure John derives from it. As I've said before, Elly is deeply suspicious of pleasure for its own sake because she tends to call it 'sin.' Only silly and bad people have fun without somehow having earned the right to do so. This means that John is somehow getting away with something when he drives the thing and he must be made to greedily agree that Elly is always right.
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