dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

My own personal snow day.

I'll bet you that most of you in the Northern states have had to contend with the odd snow day touched off by a storm that wasn't actually as bad as the Weather Channel or NOAA said it would be. I've had to deal with this myself over the years and been as grateful for the school board's caution as you are. They can't take a chance on the kids getting stranded so they aren't going to....mostly because they know what happens if they don't. The odd thing about the big snow storm arc that's coming up is that it takes place about the same time that school boards were adopting the policy of preemptive cancellations. In my jurisdiction, it seems to have been the end result of a particularly nasty one that hit like a tonne of bricks just as classes were ending for the day.

The day itself was, as I recall, not especially threatening looking. Rather ordinary, actually. This sort of changed around about a quarter to three when a real dumper of a snow-storm struck right at rush hour. It took hours to plow things out and me and my classmates were kind of desperate. This is because of a limitation that most people don't know about; you see, high school students are issued a very limited sort of student pass that's only good for the hour before classes open and the hour after they let out. The rest of the time, it's a brightly-coloured piece of cardboard that does nothing. A lot of us heading to the west side took the desperation measure of walking across the Harbor Bridge which is usually closed to pedestrian traffic, people up country actually were stranded for a bit and I trudged down Douglas Avenue like an idiot letting buses pass me by because I had no idea that because of the snowstorm, they'd waived the fare for the evening. While one lone moron who got home at seven thirty in the evening because he didn't think to ask the right questions was never on the radar, the kids on the bridge and the kids stranded served as a warning to not take that chance again. The reason this irks me is that Mr Warren shits bricks about the storm six years after my big storm. You'd think that we'd have dealt with Elly complaining about the school board panicking by then.
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