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Useful notes: Women in the Batiukverse.

It would seem that we're finally at the long-threatened bullying arc in the comic strip Funky Winkerbean and it's everything you could expect and less. This is because the alleged victim of said alleged bullying is some fragile little flower who seems bent on committing despairing suicide because one phony story on a website means that her reputation is soiled forever by 'stunted' souls who 'stand on the backs' of celebrities to give meaning to their own 'worthless' lives.

The reason for this really stupid arc is that Batiuk is a failed teacher who, like his avatar Les Moore, makes less than no effort to disguise his withering contempt for the sea of faces before him. The odd thing is that while Batomic Comic Obsessive might presume to despise Dr Wertham, they're functionally the same person: a smug, ill-informed buffoon with an inflated idea of their own intellectual excellence and the discreditable need to dismiss anything like an inconvenient fact as the ravings of ignoramuses who want him to accept their evil lie that two and two make four all the time even though it might ruin the story.

This is made worse by the fact Batiuk is made of Mommy issues and seems to be hampered by a default misogyny that insists that a good woman is a grinning robot that gleefully feeds a soft, weak, selfish punk like himself cookies and milk while he rots what little brains he has reading comics. An objective observer might see his utopia as being a revolting display and he himself as a spoiled and dull-witted infant filled with a selfish contempt for his mother but he cannot see this. This is why he doesn't understand why the 'irrational' twitter-tots want him to admit that his blind-spot is why his female characters are either hindrances, victims, dullards or fragile milksops who try to commit despairing suicide for a ridiculous reason. Dumb people aren't good at knowing what they're bad at, you see.
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