dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The web comic exhaustion syndrome.

Of course, a lot of the reason Batiuk's strip has turned into a pile of poop is that he's pretty much written himself into a corner and can't get out. He used to have a pretty funny strip once. This is back when he had a slightly more realistic take on the Archie phenomenon. Sadly, he got himself locked into a model that ensured that at some point, his talent and sense of humor went away and we get mawkish bullcrap in which he plagiarizes the "Death Of Supergirl" cover from Crisis on Infinite Earths so as to better scream about the cruelty and selfishness of stunted twittertots who tell him to retire because he hasn't done anything useful in ten years.

This is where the web-comic people have it slightly better. If they're just not feeling it any more, they can do what Starline Hodge did and just sort of walk away from things and promise a sort of wrap-up that's kind of unnecessary because she said "Eventually, Candi and most of the rest of the cast graduate and move on with their lives." If Batiuk had had that power, we could have been spared Phase III and its non-stop beefing about how passive people who are too chicken to act are helpless.
Tags: batomic failure, little miss pinkhair

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