dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The gift of new-runs.

As we know, Lynn has gotten into the habit of creating new strips as a means of extricating herself from a problem she shouldn't be in. By now, you're probably as tired of my insistence that she should have dropped the first year of the old strip as I am of saying so I'll just say that we really shouldn't have to be looking at anything new. We should be watching Mike fritz out because for reasons unknown, Elly and John got a rollicking case of wanting to be the Waltons and decided to take the family out to Exile Farm to Be With Family and Experience Authenticity and all the other stupid garbage daydreaming idiots with too much education and not enough brains dig.

Instead, we're more than likely going to have stuff with Dainty Doll Boy Mike and a mutant seven year old Lizzie and all the other new-run freaks trying to sell us on the fact that this is somehow happening in the present day. Lynn's need to fudge when things are actually taking place is not just going to get absurd when talking about Jim and Marian, it's also her doing poorly what animator Chris Savino is doing well for Nickelodeon these days. He can combine a retro aesthetic with modern gadgetry well when he has his author avatar Lincoln Loud try to dodge the ten-headed monster he refers to as his sisters; Lynn cannot do that because she really isn't trying.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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