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The orange object: Lincoln Loud.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, Chris Savino seems to have gotten the new-run timeless thing Lynn was going for beat. A little while ago, I'd described his newest creation (Nickelodeon's "The Loud House") as "hapless shnook running from the end result of everything trying to kill him having a baby with everything that wants to" because I'd only seen the pilot that had our hero Lincoln try to survive what he calls the ten-headed monster and what everyone calls his ten sisters. We start out knowing very little about Lincoln or his world save for the fact that owing to Savino's love of big foot mutant comic strips, he lives in a world of comic misadventures and social indignations in which he savours what little victories he manages to wrest from the grip of what he experiences as a collective consciousness bent on making his life nuts. We know he's fairly bright, we know that his siblings actively detest the comic books and manga he digs, we know he thinks of himself as the Man With The Plan and we know that he wears an orange shirt and for some reason has white hair but that's all we know.

We highlight the mental failing that has him originally reduce his sisters to one-note caricatures in the program's opening sequence. While he's in full colour through all of it, his siblings look like Green Lantern energy constructs in their theme colours to highlight the fact that the eleven year old middle child started out experiencing them as their dominant personality traits. Since his story arc has us learn who he is by having him discover that he's got a lot in common with them and that there's more to them than meets the eye, he doesn't quite realize that they see him not as a person but as more or less an Orange Lantern construct owing to the fact that he almost always wears orange. If you'll allow it, I can easily spend the Christmas holiday talking about this well-meaning cipher who we're discovering.
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