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The dyad in plaid.

The upshot of my look at the oldest set of sisters on Loud House is that in every real sense, Lincoln functionally only has five sisters. What looks like ten people is actually five 'real' characters and a shadowy sort of foil that reminds us of the dominant member's key personality trait. Lori's need to throw her weight around is emphasized by Leni sort of acting like the big friendly dog she seems to have named for and the next pairing sort of continues on with that theme. Savino even sort of highlighted by having their names (Luna and Luan) be anagrams of one another. We have two natural performer types in plaid skirts but other than that odd quirk, the same brown hair their dad has and the fact that they both seem to share the same bystander syndrome Lincoln normally lacks, they couldn't have less in common.

The 'real' character of that pairing is 15-year old Luna who kinda has the rocker chick look nailed down scientific. She's got the dark purple band T-shirt, the purple tartan skirt, the Doc Martens and the fake-ass British accent when her favourite rocker dude comes on the air so, yeah, all she needs is the sort of floating caption they have in Dick Tracy that says 'The eighties called, they want their music back' pointing at her. Aside from a nasty tendency to turn into a raging loony fangirl going full-on gonzo when her idol is in the same time zone she is, she's the cool big sister Lori would be if she weren't a brawling, bullying bundle of neediness in a light blue tank top. She might get hives thinking about funny books and manga like the others but she doesn't make AS big a deal about it as they do. (Granted, she'll still stand there shrugging and muttering 'tough break' when Lincoln deals with yet another sadistic twist ending where he's denied something he deserves to show us that a MAN is supposed to take the shit that would kill his sisters and love it but one cannot have everything.)

If one could, one would somehow be able to neutralize Luna's foil Luan. The girl in yellow may best be described as something of an aggressively desperate jerk who uses the love for horrid wordplay she shares with her dad to be something of a creepy clown. She's usually standing around being the older poster child for troubling unchildlike behavior by making terrible puns and pulling lame pranks. Usually, she's harmless but on 1 April, the mildly sinister irritant becomes a psycho bent on punking everyone in a fifty mile radius. What she doesn't know why Lincoln doesn't respond in kind because unlike the older stage-hog, she tends to lack a little something called empathy.
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