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Troubling childlike behaviour.

Now, to continue on, it's rather obvious that two of the older siblings in the Loud House are merely Pattersonesque jerks. One can divvy up Mike's aggression and irrational jealousy and selfishness and call it Lori while slapping the name Luan on his attention-seeking behaviour and love of terrible wordplay. If you wanna really scare the shit out of yourself, buy into the 'Buy American' and look at the kids closer to and younger than Lincoln's age. Thirteenish Lynn "Junior" is the variety of tomboy they call the Lad-ette on Tv Tropes 'cause she's a hyperkinetic jock who's sort of actually dim of brain and landed with a tendency to see our boy as somewhat less than virile 'cause he's not a brainless jock. She worries me because she's probably overheard her dad muttering about his poor timing and not being able to predict the future....a future that wears orange polo shirts and keeps lists of other people's quirks in order to anticipate their moves.

What worries me more is her emo goth roomie Lucy. What we get with her is a gloomy little nine year old who feels invisible because she's sort of overshadowed by the extreme character types so she wears slate gray and dyes her blond hair black like the lab tech on NCIS and she blends in with the shadows even more so she feels more invisible so she writes gloomy poetry that repels people and I don't honestly see that ending well and yeah, even in loving homes, people fall through the cracks and Savino is probably angling for a Peabody award here. What she doesn't do is scare the hell out of me. What does has a twin sister.
Tags: the loud house

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