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Fake four-year old plus real toddler over opening credits equals FAB.

Now, before I wrap up my look at the Ten-Headed Monster, it's sort of obvious that only five of them happen to be what one would call "real" people. Savino could just as easily teamed up with Dan Schneider of the iCarly/Sam & Cat universe to have a live-action kid deal with five human siblings and five cartoon character sisters. Lori, Lucy, Lana and Lola seem more 'real' than Leni, Luna, Luan or Lynn do so it behooves us to look at the last set: four year old comic strip super-genius Lisa and realistic giggling baby and generator of poop jokes Lily.

The older of the two has an AWFUL lot in common with Lola in that she too is a rip-off of something Savino's done before. Just as the surly pageant-obsessed informant is a carbon copy of Briana from Kick Buttowski, the unsmiling mad scientist is a blatant attempt to plagiarize Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory. She has the glasses, the frozen frown, an irritating speech impediment and, while smart enough to have gotten a doctorate, lacks a lot of real-world sense or much in the way of morals...as is evidenced by her being the crazy loon who bleached Linc's hair bright white. About the only time she starts thinking like a normal human being is when the youngest child is in any sort of danger.

This is because they all drop their shticks and turn into a hive mind intoning "SAVE THE BABY" owing to Lily's being what's called a morality chain on top of being a giggling and ultra-realistic toddler. When she's not in danger, the others join the main character into trying to steer her into sharing their interests so they can have something in common with someone in that house. Linc's gotta out-source being interested in comics and it's sort of tough for the rest of them to make pals because reasons. More on that next.
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