dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Twelve of eleven: the terrible secret of Clyde McBride.

The interesting thing about Lincoln is that Savino supplied him with that commonplace of media, the black best friend who sort of serves as a twelfth sibling because he's the only one who doesn't either mock or act disgusted when Lincoln shares HIS interests with them. The way they say that in the Loud House is Clyde McBride. The reason he's interesting is not that he's a black kid or that he's being raised by an openly gay couple or that he has a crush on Lori that requires him to plan to crush Lori's emotional crutch boyfriend Bobby Santiago. The interesting thing is that Savino is using progressivism to distract us from a horrible realization: Lincoln is the only child who actually has a friend in the world. The others don't.

We get to see why when Lincoln is in class and being given the stink-eye because of something he cannot control: who he's related to. It's obvious that most people know of and have bad memories of what they see as a large, sprawling, chaotic horde of children who do insane, irritating and annoying things. Just as the Pattersons are the disgrace of their neighbourhood, it's obvious that everyone in that part of Northern Michigan is about to channel his or her inner Demoman and yell "I HATE you Louds! EVERYBODY bloody HATES you!!' when they see one of them coming. He seems to be the only exception to that because he's got that hang-dog look on his face that says that he's as tired of his sisters' shit as everyone else.
Tags: the loud house

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