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On the hating of the grandfather.

As we know, Lynn will most likely die hating her mother for having no faith in her and wanting her to suffer and feel bad about herself. This is owing to the woman being hard-wired to see the world as being a bad place where everyone is trying to crush her and mock her for wanting to be happy too. This, as I’ve said before, means that it’s going to be impossible to convince her that constructive criticism coming from a place of love isn’t “really” her mother bitterly tearing her despised disappointment of a daughter to shreds out of malice. This explains her huffy commentary about evil snarker-trolls who don’t want her to be clever and have a surprise twist ending to the strip when no such surprise or twist actually existed. What it doesn’t explain is the incessant presence in the Biographies of a cruel, medieval patriarch who cackles with glee as he selfishly arrogates everything ever to himself and delights in the misery of the person being studied.

What does explain that is a maternal grandfather Lynn perceived as a cruel, heartless bully who delighted in being superior to her and her DADDY and who kept her mother down because old people are bad. According to her, the old boy thought that women were second-class citizens and children were jabbering subhumans who didn’t become human until they were old enough to drink coffee and complain about ungrateful children. This leaves us with the question of ‘Hey! Why does she hate this dude for agreeing with all the crap SHE believes?’ and the answer ‘Because she’s the target of her own God-damned bigotry and hatred and it don’t feel good!’

This, I should think, is why I think that she leaves things out when she defames the defenseless contents of an urn someplace in North Vancouver. When she huffs and puffs about the old boy saying that education was wasted on women, she probably leaves out the part where she was the woman education was wasted on. When she says that he hated Peanuts because he thought children were stupid, she probably left out the part where he said that while children might indeed be worried about the things Schulz was, kids tend not to speak like neurotic German-Americans in their forties. It’s like how she leaves out every instance of her mother saying that she wasn’t trying to crush her under her heals for shits and giggles because SHE knew better because what Lynn doesn’t want to admit is more important than what she will consider.

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