dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Big Book of Foob Destiny, Chapter One: John.

Lynn's post-Hybrid plans involved something I'd long expected: a book detailing what would happen to the Patterson family in the future. She's probably been preparing that for publication for some time, I'd say. I know that what she says will be the Official Version of the Foob's Future but I can't help but think that her vision would be sort of implausible based on what we've seen in the strip. That is because, to one extent or another, these people scare me. Their potential for stupid, self-destructive behavior makes the nice, good, dull future Lynn has mapped out for them seem, shall we say, a remote possibility. Well, most of them. John, you see, wouldn't present much of a danger to those around him. That's because he's pretty much satisfied with what he's got in life and on the odd occasion he isn't, it doesn't take that much effort to please him. I, for one, can readily see that, for however long Lynn has him living, he'd be the Eccentric Old Guy with the Train Fetish. Will he outlive Elly? Given her negative atitude, that's a distinct possibilty. Would her loss derail his chances at happiness? For a while, sadly, but he'd bounce back. Odds are, that he'd have the best future out of the original cast: a figure of mildly comic folklore. They'd probably be telling stories about Ol'Doc Patterson for years after he was gone.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, the shape of foobs to come

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