dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Goodbye, January, Hello, Aftermath.

The interesting thing is that a long time ago, the English referred to what we call January as "Afteryule"; this is because it was the second (or 'after') month of the pagan festival 'Yule' that got displaced by Christmas. The reason that I mention this is that a word that starts with the word 'after' would be the one Pattersons would use to describe the month if they were in charge of that sort of thing: Aftermath.

The reason is obvious. John is sitting at a desk sulking and grousing and moaning because the credit card bills for the last month's excesses have come due, Elly is bitching because despite having no help and no time to herself, she still managed to get 'fat' over the Holidays when she'd hoped to work it all off, the kids are grousing 'cause they've gotta go to school in the cold and snow and Santa loved other kids better and everyone's just all let down after another Holiday season turns into the Winter everyone hates. Thus a Patterson calender should call the first month of the Gregorian calendar "Aftermath."
Tags: the foob reckoning

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