dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The month of Ruin.

Most of us in this world feel a sense of relief when the fourth month of the current calendar returns. This is because winter’s harshness has started to finally give way to new growth and the promise of summer’s warmth. Most of us don’t happen to be Pattersons; this means that most of us don’t happen to be lamenting the presence of an unwanted and unwelcome disruption: a child who happens to bear the same name as the month in question.

While they publicly deny it, it’s rather obvious that the only person in the family who actually has any real use for April is Deanna who sees her as a tender of children first and a person with hopes and dreams of her own a distant last. The others see her as either an expense, a hindrance or an unrepentant slayer of a dog he treated poorly when he was alive despite blubbering about wanting him. Since they take Mikey Girl’s lead in saying that she somehow fooled all of them by keeping them from being a ‘balanced’ family, it’s obvious that they’d call the month Ruin if they were in charge because April ruined everything.

Tags: the foob reckoning

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