dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The month of stress

As you might no doubt have guessed by now, it's my personal opinion that John and Elly love the social status that comes with being parents but don't especially like or understand children any more than they like the petty bullcrap that comes with the job. I once said that while they wanna go to Heaven, neither of'em wanna die in reference to this annoying tendency of theirs. This is why July might as well be called Angst as far as they're concerned because they spend most of it whining about have to deal with the annoying end results of their witless failure to actually be parents to their kids. They expect instant obedience and instant wonderfulness without having to do anything and they can't deal.

What they can do is find some way to banish the kids from their presence or make family trips a grueling ordeal that they can blame on the kids so they can avoid having to face a hard truth that would make them better people: they're not the easiest people in the world to deal with. Mike might be a stupid twit who can't turn down a dare but John is a stupid twit who won't stop mentally undressing every pretty girl he sees any more than he can see that Elly wasn't looking forward to being a put-upon housewife he takes for granted in a different time zone. Since admitting blame is only for weak people it's okay to despise for allowing themselves to be pushed around, Trash-Bag Johnny blames the kids for his chaos.
Tags: the foob reckoning

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