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The Big Book of Foob Destiny, Chapter Two: Elly.

The trouble with trying to predict the future of the Patterson family is that our viewpoint of the characters differs so strongly from Lynn's. It seemed to me that John would probably have a long, bland life as the neighborhood eccentric but, as howtheduck reminded me, Lynn may decide to kill the character off in the near future. That would leave Elly on her own for pretty much the first time in her life. At long last, she'd have to fashion an identity for herself that didn't relate to a male family member. She wouldn't be Jim Richad's daughter, John Patterson's wife or Mike Patterson's mother; she'd be Elly, a woman who was approximately sixty years old facing a future full of challenges. Lynn, I should think, would be far more optimistic about her prospects than I am. I expect to read that the former protagonist of the strip would adjust to the world before her fairly quickly, finding the purpose, fulfillment and happiness that eluded her so long. My difficulty as that it doesn't mesh too well with what I know about the character. The Elly I've come to know has a hunger within her that can't be filled. She thought that marriage and motherhood could fill it and was disappointed. The various identities she tried to fashion for herself outside the home were discraded one after the other because they didn't sate her needs. Helping her family with their problems left her feeling empty too. I fully expect to see a widowed Elly Patterson collapse into despair after John dies and spend her futures mourning all the chances that never materialized. We'd end up with a bitter husk of a woman, renting out the basement apartment to someone else's Elizabeth or Michael and complaining about everything that went wrong. Eventually, a journalism student would write her bio for an assignment and turn it into an awful book that people thought was a rip-off of something else.
Tags: sheet shaver, the shape of foobs to come

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