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The month of Martyrdom

While it does seem as if Elly would have to be alone in conidering December a month in which she experiences more marytyrdom and over-work from her under-appeciative family than usual, it seems somewhat obvious that the rest of the family regard the month as a sort of torture. Said torture takes the form of having a kill-joy claim that she alone is responsible (and thus should be awarded credit) for ‘making’ Christmas happen. As I’ve said once or twice, the Christmas Angel special seems to demonstrate to the masses what December is all about at the Pattermanse despite not really being canon as such.

This is because while it looks to the novice that we’re getting a bog-standard moral about family being family and letting the spirit of the season be more important than the minor agita involved when you’re growing up, the true fan realizes that the Spirit of Patterson Christmas involves one thing and one thing alone: being afraid of Elly’s trademark rages. She only thinks she suffers in silence because I presonally believe that she’ll die being totally unaware that her family are afraid of her. Also, this particular special seems to have had as its message “Lizzie shouldn’t feel especially bad that Elly doesn’t appreciate her because she’s got company” because you just know that someone was about to tell her that grace under pressure is a virtue. Instead of Peace On Earth, they all end up getting something in Klingon as their message:

‘oy’ DaSIQjaj: “May you endure the pain.”

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