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The hidden message of the big blizzard

As we know, we're just about to lurch into the first big slice of life arc of the Middle Years: the big blizzard. While we get to watch Mike's teacher panicking because he might have to spend the night with his students along with Mike complaining about the efficient road crews that prevent his having a snow day, we also get Elly's car getting creamed by a snowplow. This is a very interesting thing for a very interesting reason that has a lot to do with the avatar I'm using for this post.

Said reason starts making sense when you consider that John has himself an ultra-impractical sports car that can't cope with a northern winter at all well. Since he was stupid enough and afraid enough of Elly not to keep his station wagon, he tries bumming her wheels and telling her something she doesn't feel like hearing: her sinecure at the library isn't really as important as his being a medical professional. Once he pushes the words past his lips, he realized that Elly gets really defensive and angry when she's reminded that she isn't the big shot she'd like to be and took a cab to work...only to be told that he might as well not have bothered when he arrived at the office because the authorities had shut down the roads until the storm cleared off. This means that he was half right to suggest that Elly should stay home for a stupid, sexist reason. The interesting thing is that he'd be just as bad a man if he suggested that it would be stupid for anyone to go out in said weather and subjected them to a harrowing tale of a worse blizzard. Reason: Elly is from Vancouver and doesn't understand winter at all and never will. She doesn't like winter sports, she hates cold weather and I don't even think she likes Roll Up The Rim at Timmies so anything that gets her shoveling out her ride is bad. The difference in my scenario is that she'd have to come up with a valid excuse to keep the kids home and she'd pay less on her insurance.
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