dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The OTHER interesting lesson from the big blizzard

The other really interesting thing about the blizzard is that if the strip were really set in the present day like Lynn wants us to believe it is, we wouldn't even have had the argument about whose job was most important in quite the way we do in the strip. This is because instead of the argument being touched off by his wanting her car, it would have been touched off by the two of them being told to stay home that day because it's 2017 and there's the Weather Network and snowflake-to-snowflake coverage of terrible weather and proterty managers and school districts not taking chances with people's safety and the like here in the present day.

This means that Elly's angry screed about how she's not less of a human being just because she doesn't have a degree would be touched off by his unsubtly hinting that how the world can do without her one day more than it can do without him. Also, she'd get to bristle at any suggestion that she should spend more time than she wants to with the kids because they'd be underfoot too and she'd still have to do most of the parenting. Also, we could have John do something stupid to try to "fix" the power that would wreck something and feed Mike a punchline about unsureance.
Tags: modernization failure

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