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The blizzard and the question none dare ask

Now, to get back to the blizzard arc, it seems to me that we get to see three examples of characters making fools of themselves because they answer a vital question incorrectly because they fail to understand the people around them. Said question is, of course, "What did you think was going to happen?"

First off, we have to deal with Elly's angry astonishment when confronted with something she actually should have seen coming. While she'll deny it with her dying breath, she shouldn't have actually expected John to be honest about the Yellow Penis-Mobile Of Overcompensation's ability to handle a Canadian winter any more than she should have expected him not to want to glom on to her ride. She should have remembered that he and the kids see the non-job she has too much of her identity invested in as a sort of paid hobby and also remembered that he saw taking a cab to work as being almost as big a humiliation as riding the bus.

Second, John should have remembered that Elly wasn't going to just let him borrow her wheels no how. He should have remembered that she hates the idea of being stuck at home because she hates the idea of being thought of as the organic adjunct of a gas range just because he doesn't seem to want her to get the degree of being treated like his equal.

Finally, we have Mike who seems to have expected the city plow crews to leave the town immobilized just so he could sit home the following day instead of going to the evil building of being told that he's a lazy ignoramus with an inflated self-concept. About the only person who didn't flunk that question was Lizzie and that's only because she didn't notice that her teachers are chicken too.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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