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The cutaway, the porn mag and the hidden book.

Somehow or other, I've managed to find myself in the possession of the collection If This Is A Lecture, How Long Will It Be? and noticed something annoying. Not only do we have to deal with Lynn/Elly bleating about how men objectify women by having Mike a cloud that could either be Mickey Mouse ears or a pair of breasts as the latter, we have another piece of annoying interstitial art that has him scowl because either the school boards or Elly's idea of appropriate material for studying reproduction is a cutaway of a flower instead of the 'good' stuff. The reason that I mention this is that a certain fear of talking about sex is part of the strip itself and it ain't just her freaking out about Mike somehow getting a copy of a skin rag.

The arc I have in mind is all about Elly, her squealing about how it should be the State's job to save her from having any discussion about sex at all by making it illegal for kids to express any sort of curiosity about anything like that and the cowardly means by which she avoided doing so with April. While we are clearly meant to cheer her on for remaining woefully ignorant about her body and about human reproduction, the facts of the matter tend to cast her in something of a negative light. It's as if she's living proof that abstinence campaigns backfire because all three kids and Meredith were unplanned and came at super-inconvenient times. This wouldn't have happened if the dumb people allowed themselves to understand sex.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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