dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Whither Dirk Dagger.....

I think that it's something of a truism that what most irritates adults about the bog-standard adolescent is that your average teenybopper tends to clam the Hell up in the presence of adults he or she would prefer not to talk to lest he or she be accused by his or her peers of being a gutless wonder who goes crawling to Mommy with every little thing like a great big stupid sooky baby. Rather than remember their own past and realize that what they did to their folks is being done to them and thus stop panicking and screaming about doom, they act like their parents did and, well, act as if every grunted, monosyllabic answer heralded in an acpocalypse of hate.

This is why it's always amusing to watch Connie overreact shamelessly to that goof Dirk Dagger. Where most of us see an absurd goof who was hard-wired to believe the outlandish assumption that since he felt awkward and perscuted most of the time. his placid life in a flaccid suburb was actually Hell On Earth and laugh at him, Lynn's target audience actually do see a big girl's blouse as Satan. Five bucks says that he's wetting himself right now because his own kids don't do the big relate-o with him and the missus.
Tags: the forgotten

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