dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John: reluctant chauffeur

An upcoming strip in which John only admits that restricting Elly's mobility is a serious problem because it raises the possibility that he might have to get off of his fucking ass and actually drive his kids around and even risk actually having to attend one of their events is, perhaps, one of the first reminders that John would prefer it very much if he were what he called a neutral bystander (and what decent people call a mentally absent moral bankrupt) in his children's lives. He doesn't want to know what their problems are, he doesn't want to care about their feelings but he wants them to respect his useless advice which comes from a place of self-satisfied ignorance.

The problem with this philosophy is that he's not only making an ugly and contemptible fool of himself (which is what he's really God-damned good at, by the way) when he sulks because he wants to tell himself that, say, driving April to her telethon is having his dignity subtracted and being made his child's servant, he's also making his life worse. If he'd have pulled the stick out of his fat ass and gotten to know his children as people instead of as Space Nazis trying to eat his brain or whatever, he'd have have a far happier and better life. The problem is that the big goof is blind to that because he's a moron.
Tags: john versus his children

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