dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Wanted: a word for a warped moral lesson.

As we know, we're staring down the barrel of Mike summing up how people pull together in an emergency by saying that for just that day, everyone cared about everyone else. While this is meant to be a heartwarming and reassuring thing, it really isn't because it's a reminder of Mike's bleak view of his fellow man. Instead of saying that people rise to the occasion, he just reminded us that he expects people to be as heroic and concerned with the well-being of their fellows as the lovely people who stood around and let Kitty Genovese get killed right in front of them.

Worse, we are supposed to find the deviation from this sad, life-denying norm of his a charming affirmation of humanity instead of a blast of nihilism from a sad little boy with self-indulgent parents who can't be asked to care about his concerns. The only way that strip is heartwarming is if you mean it in the sense the Spy from Team Fortress 2 does when he kills someone. What we need is a word for a summarization that turns out to be depressing and sad when you think about it that isn't 'warped Aesop.'
Tags: freefloating commentary

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