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The Big Book of Foob Destiny, Chapter Four: Elizabeth and Anthony

Let's review where I think Lynn is going to take the characters in the future --

John: He'll quietly die of sheer boredom some time in the next five years.

Elly: After a period or mourning, her life will finally start to make sense and she'll be happy with what she sees in the mirror.

Mike: A respectable, beloved man of letters with a swell family and swell life.

Deanna: She'll succeed in having it all where Elly failed because Michael is cursed with being wonderful.

Now, for middle daughter Liz and her soon-to-be husband Anthony and his daughter Françoise. She clearly seems to believe that Elizabeth will magically become the mother that the child needs and will love more than she does the birth mother who "selfishly abandoned" her when she was a child. First off, Liz doesn't really know the facts about her husband's first marriage. That's a clear case of history repeating itself because Elly rushed into marraige with John despite not knowing all that much about him. The man looked plausible enough a Prince Charming and, since Elly preferred her fantasies of domestic bliss to the depressing reality of not knowing if she was suited for motherhood, that was good enough for her. That's why Anthony can really be said to be similar to John; both men are the love objects of women who were in love with a mirage. What I've seen of her so far tells me that her marriage would be a messier version of her mother's. She, too, lacks patience and prefers feeling put upon to having a way out of a bad situation. Granted, instead of making churlish remarks about why she'd want to give up a sweet deal like John used to do, Anthony would moan about being abandoned again but he'd make sure that Liz didn't really look to hard for fulfillment outside the walls of the house his boss sold him. That would be even more shortsighted than John's moaning about how much a babysitter would have cost him. Doc Patterson could do without a big fancy car for the sake of his wife's happiness; it would be an act of charity to describe whatever job Anthony has as "dead-end", making a lie of John and Elly's delusion that the morose boob has an ambitious bone in his body. The man I know is content to coast through life moaning about how he could have been a contender, thereby making him not a new-model John but a male Elly. It also isn't immediately obvious that Liz would be able to step up to the challenge and be more than simply there for Francie. Odds are, she'd soon grow frustrated with a child who wouldn't ler her love her and concentrate on the child she and Anthony had together. Not only would she have to deal with a vaguely hostile step-daughter making ill-received but accurate remarks about how the child she gave birth to gets treated like a person and live in constant and essentially groundless fear of her husband's ex-wife, she'd also be worse off materially than her parents. Anthony, you see, would insist on being poor but proud.
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