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Useful notes: The Red Green Show, Part One.

The interesting thing about Elly is that every so often, I imagine her as having to play the Possum Lodge Word Game segment from the Red Green Show. Before I get to why I do so and what that would involve, I'd like to remind you all about the history of the character.

What most people in the States don't quite realize is that he started out as a segment on a Canadian sketch comedy show called 'Smith and Smith' featuring a husband-and-wife pair, Steve and Morag Smith. What Steve had in mind was a mild parody of another odd little feature of Canadian television, the Red Fisher Show about a sportsman named Charles 'Red' Fisher of Scuttlebutt Lodge who, well, traveled the continent with friends and never seemed to catch anything. (When Steve Smith pointed this out to him, Mr Fisher's response was "Caught YOU, didn't I?")

What would happen in the Red Green segment was one of two things: either he'd pretend to show footage of a failed fishing trip that went poorly because his bosom companions (the never seen Moose Thompson, Buster Hadfield, Junior Singleton and Old Man Sedgwick) were idiots OR he'd undertake a really poorly-thought out DIY project that relied overly much on duct tape and not very much on foresight, brain-power or humility. He'd also developed tag-lines for said segments: "keep your stick on the ice" and "if women don't find you handsome, at least let them find you handy."

In my next entry, I'll explain where another two key elements came into play: Adventure Bill and Ranger Gord.
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