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Early installment weirdoes.

As you remember, I sort of ended things with a reminder that when the Red Green show was being cast, they decided to change who Red's sidekick would be. Instead of Bill, his nephew Harold came into the picture interrupting the comic misadventure monologue in a different manner. Instead of Bill derailing the conversations to talk about Bala, the Harold of the first season would use a sort of keytar video effects device to switch to another segment when Red bored him too much telling the audience about the absurd and unsettling nonsense the boring old people his dad made him hang around with to work off a loan he'd made his brother Red (which used to be a nickname for something really mockable but ended up becoming the end result of Red's dad looking at a traffic light when it came time to name his firstborn) got up to. Bill was relegated to a series of black and white segments filmed with a camera with a defective mike that Red totally didn't buy on purpose.

This changed somewhat in the second season when it turned from "Harold doesn't want Red to finish his story" to a sort of sitcom in which Red had to defuse an ongoing crisis at the Lodge. Steve didn't much care for this altered format because it deviated from his original concept: "sketch comedy show in which the rep company portrayed the same character in each segment" and it was changed to the format we know now: Red and his companions dealing with an on-going wacky misadventure prompted by what he calls negative courage: proceeding to do something despite an absence of awareness, intellect and humility. Red would bite off more than he could chew and he would always resent Harold's asking him what he was thinking and why he didn't do anything sensible. What Harold tended to lose sight of is that Red is the least of the problem.
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