dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Possum Lodge....

As I mentioned earlier, the odd thing about Red is that as irritating as he is and as stubborn as he is about his foolhardy shortcuts, that aside from Harold and the guy driving the honeywagon, he's the only sane person in the cast. Harold might to like make nasty little asides about how if the dinosaurs were alive today, they'd probably build a lodge in the middle of nowhere so they could get together and complain that their wives don't understand them but what he loses sight of is that it's probably the only thing his uncle and his friends have going for them.

This was brought home to us when Ranger Gord finally found out that Parks Canada had replaced him with a glorified smoke detector years beforehand. Red cautioned Harold and the others not to make him feel bad about wasting so much of his life on a misapprehension only for Gord to be puzzled by the fact that aside from Harold attending community college in the nearby town of Port Asbestos, nothing at all had changed. While he was talking about his plans to come up with a cartoon series about his warped understanding of the wilderness, he'd taken note of the fact that none of the lodge members had gone anywhere or done anything and they even had the same box of baking soda in the fridge. As they went to the Lodge meeting (which is another thing Gord was surprised was still a thing), Red made a comment about how sad it was when people wasted their lives without even realizing it....before pausing just for a second to avoid realizing it.
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