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The Big Book of Foob Destiny, Chapter Five: April

It seems clear to me that Lynn loves the idea of having her characters repeat the pattern of John and Elly's marriage. So far, we've got Mike and Dee in the middle of the 'happy' chaos in which he grew up and it's clear that Liz and Anthony are about to join in the 'fun'. That being said, it's sort of clear that that's what she intends to happen to April. I fully expect to read how the Gerald of 2018 is a mildly successful music teacher who'd abandoned his dreams of fame when he saw the horrible cost thereof, as evidenced by whatever sticky end Lynn has devised for Becky. He'd be ready, willing and able to marry up with small-animal veternarian April, who I expect to be told had long ago hocked her guitar because, as we all know, music and women don't mix. This presupposes an improbability, of course. It seems to me that, even with the best will in the world, John and Elly most likely won't be able to afford her the luxury of spending summers and holidays at the Tiny Train House. They'll still be well above the poverty line but won't be able to maintain the lifestyle they have now without a few sacrifices. One of them, sadly, is letting a child freeload of of them for anextended period. Since I don't really see Antbreath having room for her even if Liz was actually inclined to let her summer in Milborough and I know that April doesn't want to be Deanna's au pair, I should think that going home is a remote possibility. This tells me that her summer would probably be a working vacation out at the farm in Manitoba. I can even see that there'd be an incentive that might make living there more palatable: a guy who doesn't remind us all of the Continental from SNL. Lynn will have her as being the third copy of Elly Patterson. What I can see is that she'd be the only one to escape a life of ennui and self-loathing and have the same quiet, decent life that her aunt and cousin Laura do.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, the continental, the shape of foobs to come

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