dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Predictable blindspots and dangerous body language

As we all know, Lynn has the odd habit of only having certain characters interact with certain other characters. As by way of example, Connie has never said a blasted thing to Jim or Marian that I've seen and we never actually saw Elly make a fool of herself whining to Miss Edwards about how Elizabeth not making the foolish move of running to a mother who was bound to jump down her throat with every little problem felt as if her heart was being pulled out through her nose or something. While I would have loved to see Elly make the same ridiculous idiot of herself trying to confront the teacher who was cruelly trying to replace her, I would have loved to see her do something even stupider even more.

That far stupider thing would, of course, be her actually trying to frighten off the dangerous hussy who was clearly trying to derail Mike's life with her dangerous body language and so on and so forth. This is because her stupidity would blow up in her fat, moronic face. Not only would this have driven the kids closer together, she would have made an enemy of Martha's extended family, alienated Mike completely and made an even bigger fool of herself than she did when she stomped around leading a picket line. It's a good thing that Elly is only stupid enough to think that she cannot talk to people who don't make an effort to talk to her. Otherwise, Martha's exchanging mild pleasantries a dim-brained loon insisted on taking the wrong way would have led to an amusing horror show that would have totally discredited a vindictive twit.
Tags: elly versus martha

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