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Rolling Dat Old Debbil Stone, the 2017 edition.

Of course, the problem with watching the current arc is that we're doomed to repeat everything we see. Elly will be horrified by Dirk because her need to be terrified is very strong, Molly will continue to mistakenly believe that she's some kind of misunderstood outcast merely because her father seems to be Lord Errorprone The Stumbler racing around trying to soothe Connie's jangled nerves no matter what the cost to himself or his family and Connie will continue to wail about the horror of ugly grandchildren that wouldn't be related to her even if Dirk were a constipated WASP's idea of Adonis.

The interesting thing is that we're dealing with two forces colliding in order to force Lynn to simply banish Dirk, Molly and Gayle to the small town that all the other characters that didn't last go. The first such force is Lynn's substitution of repetition for character development. This is why Elly never seems to learn that she's chasing a mirage that's ten pounds lighter. It's why John never learns that Elly feels unappreciated and anonymous. It's why Mike never learns that other people have feelings too. It's why Liz spends her life never really figuring out what love is and it's why April is probably still at war with Becky. Lynn loves to repeat herself....unless said repetition gets boring.

This second said force is why sitcom antagonists vanish over time. Lynn might have wanted to continue with the "Why is she dating this ugly boy when she knows that ugly people should die alone and shunned and unloved?" show but it got to be too boring to look at. It's why Janice got nerfed and became a girly-girl and it's why Mrs Dingle learned to love Mike and Weed.
Tags: connie versus molly, freefloating commentary

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