dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Very Angry Tooth Fairy Redux

Now, as I explained about a week or so ago, most of what drives Elly crazy when Lizzie loses her tooth is her making the same stupid mistake she always makes when her children do something inconvenient and dumb. Lynn and Elly foreshadow why Elly thinks dark thoughts about frightened, confused and heartsick children who don’t realize why Mommy is so damned angry all the time when she warns Lizzie not to make it too tough on the tooth fairy only to have Liz insist that yes, she is going to be the child who can confirm the figure’s existence.

As I said before, Elly thought that Lizzie knows that the tooth fairy is fake and simply wants to catch Mommy putting a quarter under her pillow to make life worse for everyone because she has the damnedest time realizing that her children haven’t figured out what is and isn’t real yet. (It should also be noted that she believes that her children realize that they’re shorter than what a normal person should be for the same damned reason.) This means that instead of reassuring an unhappy child who thinks that she’s pissed off the Tooth Fairy, the angry dumbass insists on wanting to belt the poor little girl because the alternative is admitting that she can’t race around assuming that her children are simply extensions of herself but are really people in their own right. Also, it should be noted that her whining about how Lizzie should not grow so fast because she can’t keep up is not only self-serving, it’s sort of stupid because anyone with a brain would realize that Elly was sending out frantic “I’m the tooth fairy” signals that she’s lucky Lizzie didn’t pick up on.

Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: moron parent, elly versus children, elly versus herself, elly versus the passage of time

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