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Tumor Sue: How St Lisa ate Funky Winkerbean

As you might not know, Batiuk seems to have finally gotten around to collecting all of the old stories that set up Les's marriage to Westview's answer to Gwen Stacy, Lisa Crawford Moore. The reason that I compared the two characters is that someone else made the damned good point is that the only thing both very boring people are known for is dying. Just as the pallid blond who wound up getting her neck snapped because Webhead was too angry at Gobby to remember physics was one of the dullest people Marvel created, Lisa might as well have been named Mary Sue because everyone was always talking about how great she allegedly was.

The reason that this seems like a fatal miscalculation is that by doing so, he's going to remind people what a boring person Lisa was when stupid shit wasn't being made to happen to her. She started out as a sort of female Les (owing to her also having an ugly hairdo, glasses too large for her face and no fashion sense) when Batiuk decided that she was someone Bad Things would happen to so that Les could show what a stand-up guy he was. The problem is that the more crap happened to her, the worse Les started to behave. He began as a sort of lovable loser type and ended as Dick Facey, The Man We Wanna Punch.

What makes this worse is that everyone else seems to be in the process of being punished for not Giving Her Her Due Respect When She Was Alive. Bull's brain is mush, Funky is a neurotic mess, Holly is stuck minding him, Crazy really lives up to his name now and Cindy has regressed to junior high mentally and all because they treated her like a regular person instead of someone to be blindly worshipped. Simply put, Batiuk introduced a pernicious tumor named Lisa into his strip and killed it.
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