dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

It's called inept writing: how to shill a failure.

There is, of course, another reason why it is that the idiotic worship of the very dull Lisa has destroyed the strip: doing so seems to have destroyed Batiuk's ability to understand what a sympathetic character is. In any other creator's hands, the title character would be the person everyone looks up to and respects. Not only has Funky successfully battled alcoholism and survived a bitter divorce, he's got himself a happy, stable family that looks up to him, he works hard, he employs a lot of people and his restaurant is where everyone meets. He should be the axis about which the world rotates but he's not.

That honor goes, bafflingly enough, to the character Batiuk most identifies with: Les Moore. Les is a terrible writer who procrastinates and milks the death of his first wife. Les is a terrible husband to his second wife. Les is a lousy teacher. Les has never met a social norm he liked or understood. Les is a negligent father. Les is a pompous dick who insults his friends because he let his fifteen minutes of fame go to his head. Any other creator would make Les the asshole no one really likes but Batiuk makes Les the star because he's the prophet of the cult of Victim Sue. Batiuk can't write worth shit any more because he let Lisa eat his talent.
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