dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Other Stupid Assumption.

As you all know, I’ve made a lot of noise over the last decade about how Elly has it in her big, fat head that there’s this bullshit conspiracy comprised of pretty much everyone else ever dedicated to making her miserable. Children ‘insist’ on needing to be taken care of (when they should be able to shift for themselves if the world was ‘fair’) because they hate her and want to deprive her of freedom, happiness and a public identity. Husbands want their children to have a mother for the same reason. People insist on playing headache music and introducing computers and so on and so forth because the alternative is seeing her happy and carefree and for some insane, stupid reason, this is supposed to be bad.

What I tend to forget when I do that is the arrogant presumption that underpins the victimization and narcissism. As someone slightly more observant pointed out, Elly’s distinct lack of curiosity as to why people like things she doesn’t or do things in a way she would not is propelled by the default assumption that they’re too dumb to be exactly like her. The best proof of this is that hateful noise in which she mocked Mike for wasting his time on a computer because SHE could do it quicker with her damned flip book. What she loses sight of is that her inability to actually want to understand anyone makes her perhaps the stupidest person in the strip. There are so many strips that have her reeling in confusion or getting pointlessly enraged at someone because she cannot allow herself to understand that people can have a different point of view that it becomes obvious that she isn’t smart enough to know how dumb she is really.

Tags: elly versus the real world

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