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The pest years of our lives.

Of course, the need to hide the fact that they see the kids seeking advice from friends and other adults as a cruel and heartless betrayal of their long-suffering and martyred selves is not the only means by which John and Elly have made a horrible mes of raising their teen-aged children. While it does make sense to talk about how they continue witlessly on getting bees in their drawers yowling about horrible rebelliousness that they need to recover from when referring to their discreditable inability to cope with the 'evil' concept of the kids having a difference of opnion, it would make more sense to discuss what most of the pointless and idiotic arguments rotate around: a huge-ass wad of envy that denies how much it has always sucked to be an adolescent.

From Mike's point of view, the problem was obvious: his voice was stating to crack, he felt unhappy all the time for a reason he couldn't put into words, his knees ached, he felt hungry all the time and his face started to resemble the surface of Mars. What made things worse were two idiot parents who insisted that these were going to be the happiest years he would ever had because of their dim-brained belief that the travails of adolescence were banished from the world forever on their twentieth birthdays. Given their ludicrous and fatuous fragility, his honest admission that he felt like crap all the time clearly meant that he was a rebellious and ungrateful monster trying to stir up drama over nothing because the alternative would be admitting that they suffer from a recto-cranial loop-back. This meant that unlike most parents of high school kids who get only so much pissed off at kids who say the same fucking dumb things to them they did to their folks because they know said lecturing boob will be in their shoes anon, they join the generation of helpless and shiftless idiots the post-war set blighted the world with in thinking that they were the first people ever to have kids who disagreed with them about anything.
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