dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Big Book of Foob Destiny, Chapter Seven: The Next Generation.

The most troubling aspect of having to predict the future of the Patterson family is trying to piece together what will happen to the youngest members of the primary cast. That's because we know very little about Meredith, Robin and Françoise and aren't going to be given much more. Another impediment is that while you can make a reasonably accurate prediction about where an adult's path in life will lead, you cannot do the same for pre-schoolers. Nobody, for instance, could have predicted that the sullen layabout that wedged his rump in front of the box would grow up to become a big-time author. Lynn may have reasonably decent futures in store for them but, once again, my gut tells me that they aren't likely to transpire. To begin with and to repeat an earlier point, once Liz has a child with Anthony it's kind of obvious that Francie would probably become a second-class citizen in her own home. Any dissatisfaction with being replaced would be attributed to Thérèse making trouble by remote control. Sadly, she's the one that frightens me the least. Meredith's prospects are all alarming. We have a healthy, active, curious child surrounded with three terrible female role models. She'll grow up learning that Elly's hostile negativity, Deanna's fear-filled passivity and Liz's selfish hysteria are normal behavior and how women are supposed to behave. The horrific messes that someone who'd embody the worst of the Patterson's traits could get into make one glad that we don't have to see them. When you consider that her 'ingratitude' and 'rebellion' would be fueled by her rage that parental love is being lavished on a simpleton who won't amount to anything, no matter how much effort is spent propping him up, you too will be glad to see these people disappear from the comics page for good.
Tags: francoise, the antichrist twins, the shape of foobs to come

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