dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Man of the louse

The interesting thing about John is that his problem is hidden in plain sight in his parents' Liography. As we know, his dad used to be a coal miner before relocating the family to Exile Farm pretty much when John entered high school. While you might think that the disruption of his social circle is why John is a bit of a jerk, it seems to me that the circumstances of the move tend to reveal the real problem he's still not dealing with. As I recall correctly, an injury of some sort was alluded to that helped make it easier for Will to become Farmer Brown and said injury could have accelerated a process that would make life harder for those around his eldest son: assigning a young person who needs to make his mother happy adult responsibilities before he was ready.

John's need to make sure that no 'mistakes' like having a working mother who gave birth to a kid with a name that doesn't honour the old people at home are made and his almost naked envy of the supposed life of ease his allegedly ungrateful and spoiled children and his need to have something to play with all the time tell me that we're not dealing with an ordinary idiot baby boomer. We're clearly dealing with a numb-skull who was forced into becoming a sort of third parent while his dad recovered from whatever injury barred him from the coalface and the need to 'prove' himself and also live the childhood he was deprived of is going to be a problem for years to come.
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