dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Bios and the Book of Destiny....

One of the more irritating things Lynn used to do was tell most of the Patterson's story on the website instead of in the strip. She did this by the means of the monthly letters. She or a staffer would write one of these in character so we'd get the person's take on what really happened behind the scenes. Their status as canon was problematic because events that were common knowledge in the monthly exercise in retroactive continuity came as a complete shock in the strip itself. I'm, of course, talking about April's just finding out in October that Liz gave the harmonica away when her letter said she'd known about it for months. After the supposed switch to the new format, they'd been replaced by in-depth looks at the supporting characters in the Patterson's world. By 2010 at the latest we'd have an on-line biography of each and every person in the Foobiverse. It seems to me that Lynn is telling their stories that way for a reason. The format of what I call the Tome of Destiny would probably be a series of short stories accompanied by the odd illustration that show us the lives of each of these people from beginning to end. What she's doing by writing all these bios now is getting us used to what we'll be reading later on.
Tags: the liographies, the shape of foobs to come

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